Maria Mercedes Flores Mujica

Compagnie THOR - Thierry Smits

Maria Mercedes Flores Mujica (Venezuela): after pursuing an academic career in languages and translation, she decides to wander out to Europe and dedicate her time and attention to dance. During her contemporary dance studies in Germany, she meets and works with different choreographers, dancers, visual artists, musicians, dramaturgs, performers, and writers. All these encounters influence her personally and professionally: making language and translation - once again - the main interest of her dance practice, this time in a much broader and freer sense. As any other freelancer, she performs, teaches, and produces her own work. Immersed in the research of peculiar communication forms, her work builds new ways of interaction within performers, audience, and space: materialising new languages. By studying emotions, she creates performative atmospheric ecosystems that bloom on the stage and beyond. Playfulness, humour, and search for interconnectivity are important elements for her compositions, classes, and life experiences. Cover photo Marcos Angeloni

Compagnie THOR - Thierry Smits

Since the setting-up of his company in 1990, Thierry Smits has created over thirty dance performances. Among them Eros délétère (1991), Red Rubber Balls (1999), D'ORIENT (2005), V.-Nightmares (2007) and To the Ones I Love (2010). His creations oscillate between sober contemporary lines on the one hand, and pop, queer and often provocative aesthetics on the other hand. Thor‘s performances constantly bear witness of a high technical rigour and gestural inventiveness, of an undisputable frankness and generosity.

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