Monika Gintersdorfer

La Maison de Crémant

Monika Gintersdorfer is director and co-founder of La Fleur. In 2004 she founded the actionist group Rekolonisation with Jochen Dehn in Hamburg, and since 2005 has directed the performance group Gintersdorfer/Klaßen in collaboration with Knut Klaßen.

La Maison de Crémant

La Maison de Crémant is a loose collective of independent artists from Berlin who are in search of new ways of distributing art outside the neoliberal art system. With Manufacture Serielle they created a series of online performance on Zoom which brings together in a safe space artists from underprivileged production environments. For each edition of Manufacture Sérielle, up to five artists meet for one whole day in the internet to create a virtual performance together.

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