Mustafa Kaplan

Dancer and Choreographer

Mustafa Kaplan was born in Konya, Turkey. He studied telecommunication and electrical engineering at Yıldız Technical University in Istanbul. He worked at the Theatre Research Laboratory which was a part of the Municipal Theatre of Istanbul as a choreographer and dancer for about ten years. He is the co-founder of dance and performance companies, such as Yeşil Üzümler Dance Company, Dans Fabrikası, Taldans Company and Çatı Association. Apart from his own choreographies, he has danced in several additional pieces. He has been one of the directors of the Taldans Company with Filiz Sızanlı since 2002.


Taldans Company was established in Istanbul by Mustafa KAPLAN and Filiz SIZANLI in 2002 and named after the Theater Research Laboratory (TAL) of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Theater, which was a movement/dance research unit established by Mustafa Kaplan. Taldans acts in public, urban areas, art galleries as well as stage performances. Besides the performances, Taldans coordinates and organizes body and movement-based workshops. Kaplan (engineer) and Sızanlı (architect) are also working on interdisciplinary and intercultural projects.

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