Nadine Gerspacher

Artistic Director & Choreographer

Nadine Gerspacher is a freelance artist working worldwide. In 2011, she founded her company and created everyday-fueled works that poetically combine dance and theater. In 2015 she works for Cirque du Soleil. In 2016, she received the Isadora Prize from the Iwanson-Sixt Foundation. In 2018, she founded the FRE3 BODIES program with Nicolas Ricchini. She finishes her trilogy in Sep. 2021: 2019 "The age of Aquarium", 2020 "Let it rain" and 2021 "Non- upgraded existence", this one described the facets of the pre-Corona era. Portrait Photo © Marcus Tari

Short Film

Non-upgraded Existence

Nadine Gerspacher

Through the eyes of a child, NUEX portrays the inability of human beings to expose themselves in order to reconnect with each...

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