Royal de Luxe

Street theater company

Royal de Luxe is a French street theater company, founded in 1979 in Aix-en-Provence1 by Jean-Luc Courcoult, Véronique Loève and Didier Gallot-Lavallée2 and based in Nantes since 1989. Its aim is to break into the public space, in particular through the misuse of objects and the use of gigantism. In that, the company is representative of the movement of the reconquest of the street and the daily life by the marvelous and the arts of the spectacle, appeared in the years 1960 and 70, in the line of Michel Crespin. Photo credit - Royal de Luxe/Pascal Victor/ArtComPress

Street theatre

Le Bull Machin de Villeurbanne

Pôle PIXELRoyal de Luxe

Enter the magical world of the latest creation of Jean-Luc Courcoult / Royal de Luxe: "The Bull Machin of Villeurbanne, grand...


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