Zeid Hamdan


Zeid Hamdan is a Lebanese music producer. He was named one of 8 leading lights in Lebanese culture by CNN. He has worked with many leading artists including, Soap Kills, The New Government, Katibe5, Shiftz, Hiba Mansouri, Kanjha Kora, Kazamada, Maryam Saleh, Maii Waleed, Dany Baladi, Zeid and the Wings (his own project) and recently Marie Abou Khaled, Tanjaret Daghet, Muhammad Abdullah from EL MORRABA3 and Lynn Adib . In 2019, Hamdan produced the score of Nadine Labaki's Oscar nominated movie Capernaum. In 2020 He produced the music for the Balkoon Channel called "the CUBE session". Photos © George Cizek

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Abaya Road

Zeid Hamdan

Abaya Road is the latest of Zeid Hamdan's projects. This umpteenth musical formation allows this hyperactive producer to have...

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