Magí Serra
Dec 20, 2020
3:00 PM
Mercat de les Flors


This video dance, an hypnotic choreography, offeres a combination of striking visual images of two bodies in constant conversation and deserted landscapes. The film gives an insight of the detailed sensitivity of touch as well as the true riskiness and fragility of the physical language. The  videodance  come out from  the  site specific  piece Cossoc, a duet of  longer duration. **Photo © Nora Baylach**

Three dance projects in video images
Anamaria KlajnščekCreation & interpretation
Magí SerraCreation & interpretation
Santi CaretaMusic
Ignasi CastañéFilm & edit

Mercat de les Flors

After more than twenty years of history, the Barcelona public theatre of the Mercat de les Flors has entered a new period that will lead to it becoming the Consorci Mercat de les Flors/ Dance House, in a project jointly integrated to equal parts by Barcelona City Council and the Government of Catalonia with the collaboration of the Ministry of Culture. The goal of the project is to make the Mercat a reference point for all those artistic disciplines related to movement, principally dance but also visual and gestural theatre, circus, and so on. **The current director is Àngels Margarit.** **Photo © Pau Fabregat**

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