Manufacture Sérielle (Cancelled)

La Maison de Crémant
Nov 28, 2020
6:00 PM
La Maison de Crémant


The creation of by Omar Rajeh and Mia Habis establishes a perspective on how we could also access dance-making in the future - across borders, without traveling and even with limited resources. In the face of the Corona pandemic, these possibilities became even more urgent. La Maison de Crémant was very excited to be part of this exploration of possibilities which are a sign of resilience towards the Virus crisis. Sadly, this same virus that we wanted to fight proved to be more powerful than myself - but only momentarily. Sadly, I have to cancel our participation at BIPOD on Saturday. But remember that giving up today only means creating a new opportunity in the future. Stay tuned! - Jochen Roller From our side we want to assure Jochen that “We hear you well and we support you in your decision. On a personal and professional level, and through the many editions of BIPOD in Beirut, we had to fight a different kind of virus that is violent, corrupted, and careless about human feelings and their everyday life. We had to be silent and resilient in our own way but we continued in our work and values. We are sure that this cancellation is temporary and our relationship, our conversations, our care to each other will allow us to be with you very soon in the future, for many artistic proposals. To our audience we say, we hope you are with us in this, sharing our thoughts and taking this moment and time scheduled for the performance of Jochen roller and his partners at ‘La Maison de Crémant” to be reflective on all the cancellations we are facing in art and culture. For all practical and administrative issues related to the ticketing, we will send you an email soon but you can also reach us at Thank you

BIPOD 2020
Jochen Roller Concept & Online-Performance
Jule FlierlOnline-Performance
Monika GintersdorferOnline-Performance
Sebastian Ellrich Make-Up

La Maison de Crémant

La Maison de Crémant is a loose collective of independent artists from Berlin who are in search of new ways of distributing art outside the neoliberal art system. With Manufacture Serielle they created a series of online performance on Zoom which brings together in a safe space artists from underprivileged production environments. For each edition of Manufacture Sérielle, up to five artists meet for one whole day in the internet to create a virtual performance together.

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