Where the Sea Begins

Menhir Dance Company
May 30, 2021
3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Menhir Dance Company


WHERE THE SEA BEGINS will be a moment of sharing and exchange online. Artists and operators will be questioned about their perspectives and visions for the future of dance and performative arts in general. The topics of discussion will evolve around the values we find in transmission, crisis as a new departure, togetherness, creativity and change. The meeting will be moderated by Stefania Di Paolo and it will involve Elisa Barucchieri, Giulio De Leo, Petra Hrascanec, Sanna Myllylahti, Albert Quesada and Omar Rajeh.

Architecture of a Ruined Body
Stefania Di PaoloModerator
Elisa BarucchieriSpeaker
Giulio De LeoSpeaker
Petra HrašćanecSpeaker
Albert QuesadaSpeaker
Sanna MyllylahtiSpeaker
Omar RajehSpeaker
Marina PeschetolaAdministration
Erika GuastamacchiaAdministration

Menhir Dance Company

MENHIR is a contemporary dance organization based in Ruvo di Puglia - Metropolitan City of Bari, South of Italy. Since 2009 realized several productions, international educational courses, international programs and audience engagement projects (LE DANZATRICI, archeology of contemporary). Between 2018 and 2020 Menhir diffused more than 40 performances in the regional and national contemporary dance scene and GENESI, the last creation by Giulio De Leo, was presented in Matera Capitale 2019. Since 2017 Menhir is responsible of TALOS FESTIVAL dance program and since 2019 is partner of Fondazione Fabbrica Europa in Florence for the realization of CRISOL, creative processes.

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with the support of Apulia Region - Programma Straordinario 2020 in materia di Cultura e Spettacolo, Ruvo di Puglia Municipality, with the patronage of Teatro Pubblico Pugliese and Bari Municipality and in collaboration with GAL Nuovo Fior d’Olivi_Bitonto, DUC_Ruvo di Puglia, Confcommercio_Ruvo di Puglia, Confcommercio_Bari, Coop. Soc. CLAD_Terlizzi, MAT_Terlizzi

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