Abdou N’Gom

Dancer and Choreographer

Abdou N’gom works to reveal his contemporary and personal writing, generous, curious and full of physicality. He explores the sensible and the sensitive. In 2018, he began the creation of a trilogy around the theme IDENTITIES in which he co-signs with Mehdi Krüger two danced films on different territories: En Résistances and Traces 54. After two seasons of filming the first part, mixing dance and poetry – Nos Mouvements Incessants -, in 2020/2021, he launched the second part, Reverse, a choreography for 5 women. In parallel to his creative work, Abdou N’gom asserts his determination to share his passion through awareness raising and transmission actions.


DAN.CIN.LAB is an artistic platform created by STÉLA non-profit organization, engaged in the creation, production, commissioning and distribution of projects combining dance and image around societal issues. DAN.CIN.LAB now gathers 4 activities developed around strong skills: DAN.CIN.FEST (formerly DESARTS//DESCINES Festival), 
DAN.CIN.PROD. DAN.CIN.LAB is also co-founder of Studiotrade and the Mediterranean Screendance Network. In 2019, DAN.CIN.LAB launches mAPs – migrating Artists Project with 4 European partners [ Coorpi – Italy, Tanzrauschen e.V. – Germany, Malakta Films – Finland and MØZ – Greece ] for the development of an innovative creation process aiming for a collection of 5 dance films about Power, with the support of the Creative Europe programme. **Photo ©Sonia Clarke in Traverse by Marlene Millar and Sandy Silva. Photo by Marie M.**

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