Rosa Sánchez

Kònic Thtr
Dancer and Choreographer

Rosa Sánchez (Spain), is a multidisciplinary and new media artist, performer & choreographer and the artistic director and founder of Konic thtr & lab. Rosa Sáncheza along with Alain Baumann lead the conceptual, creative and technological lines of Kònic Thtr. They both have long professional trajectories related to incorporating new media into dance, theatre, installation works and interactive stage projects. Photo Konic Thtr

Kònic Thtr

Kònic thtr is a Barcelona based artistic platform focusing on contemporary creation at the border between art and new technologies, internationally renowned for the use and incorporation of interactive technology in performance and dance projects. Through the research processes undertaken since the early 1990’s, the company has developed a unique and personal language in this field of contemporary creation. Rosa Sánchez & Alain Baumann are leading the conceptual, creative and technological developments in Kònic (Thtr&Lab). Photo Kònic Thtr

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