Dans l'œil de la Tornade - E1: Alexander Vantournhout

Alexander VantournhoutSophie Laly
Jun 23 - Jun 26, 2021
4:00 PM


A Tornado + an artistic team + a videographer: this is the equation of this series of three films commissioned by the SUBS. Sophie Laly successively places her gaze and her camera on three extraordinary personalities who confront their artistic practice with this monumental work of paper installed under the glass roof of Les Subsistances. Alexander Vantournhout, Rebecca Chaillon and Cassiel Gaube are thus filmed in the Eye of the Tornado with aesthetic and chromatic variations that set the tone of this colorful triptych. Episode 1 is made from a working phase of the solo VanThorhout, filmed in the Tornado, a monumental work of paper designed by the plastic artists Domitille Martin and Alexis Mérat. Photo Romain Etienne

Dans l’œil de la tornade
Sophie LalyConcept, Image and Editing
Alexander VantournhoutDancer and Choreographer
Tom DewithProduction of accessories
Willy CauwelierProduction of accessories
Clara WagnerLights
Sandie CharronGeneral Management
Robin LegalTechnician
Alexis DoussaintTechnician
Jeronimo RoeImage


Theater, dance, music, circus, visual and digital arts – in short, there’s a place for all the diversity of today’s art forms at Les Subs, and especially for aesthetic adventures that take audiences beyond their comfort zone. Exit the borders between visual arts and performing arts, the big stage and small theaters, indoors and outdoors, high-brow and low-brow, here and there. Open to the city and the world, Les Subs promotes regional as well as international talent, residencies and meet-up events, new technologies and accessibility for the many, a strong identity and partnerships. Photo Romain Etienne

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