Evoking the Ephemeral

Corinne Skaff
May 22, 2021
3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Corinne Skaff


In this talk, the artists will share their experience in putting up a performance dealing with the Ephemeral and then carrying in their performing bodies the aftermath of the Beirut Explosion, a year of uprising and shattered social references. Photo Malek Fleifel

Architecture of a Ruined Body
Corinne SkaffModerator
Afif Dimitri HaddadSpeaker
Roy HankacheSpeaker
Elie MouhannaSpeaker
Lori KharpoutlianSpeaker

The Artist

Corinne Skaff is a dance artist, pedagogue, and community organizer. She is the artistic director of La Compagnie Ephemere and the founder of L'atelierCor, an inclusive circle of movers from all backgrounds and physical abilities, with an interest in fostering exploration and exchange around contemporary movement practices. She is the founder & artistic director of ContactCampBeirut, the first Arab Lebanese festival dedicated to the practice of Contact Improvisation (CI) & Instant composition. In making dance, one of the main themes she has been exploring in her choreographies is Capturing traces of Personal and Collective History and their role in the construction of the somatic and kinetic experience and exchange. Photo Maryline El Hayek

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