Short Stories from Egomio

Egomio Cultural Centre
May 26, 2021
4:00 PM
Egomio Cultural Centre


Short Stories from Egomio with Elena Christodoulidou, Giannis Karaoulis, Nicole Yiannaka and Haris Sophocleous. Talking about how do we invest in the future of arts in this new post pandemic years? Living in a country where culture and arts sector was already fragile without compact and long term cultural policy makes things even more threatening and now more than ever we need to empower, support and join forces to keep arts influencing the progress and society. Photo Sergio Vaccaro

BIPOD 2021| Architecture of a Ruined Body
Elena ChristodoulidouChoreographer and Artistic Director
Giannis KaraoulisDirector
Nicole YiannakaDancer and Choreographer
Haris SophocleousMusician

Egomio Cultural Centre

Egomio Cultural Centre was created by choreographer Elena Christodoulidou in 2013 and is co-directed by journalist, writer Antonis Skordilis. Spaces at Egomio is a black box theatre, an exhibition space for visual and fine arts, rehearsal studios, residency rooms, library. Egomio offers educational dance programs, workshops for professional dancers, adults, third age people movement classes, special needs dance programs. A space offering residencies to artists mainly from Europe, building strong relationships with local artists and a dynamic exchange of ideas around the arts and culture. Egomio is the home of Amfidromo Chorotheatro dance company and hosts the collective organization of Dance Lab and Dance Lab Youth Company (14UP). Photo Sergio Vaccaro

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