Taldans on Taldans

May 27, 2021
5:00 PM


Filiz Sızanlı and Mustafa Kaplan, the co-founders of Taldans, talk about how they create their performance pieces in relation to the interactions they have established within the city. They will present sequences of videos from "Victory Over the Sun" that was filmed in urban and historical landmarks in Istanbul. The places chosen for the performance relate to the city surrounded by elements such as water, traces left by the urban transformation and the periphery of the city which reveal the identity of the city. Cover Photo Aşkın Elibol, Photo Bram Mönster

BIPOD 2021| Architecture of a Ruined Body
Filiz SızanlıConcept, Choreography and Performance
Mustafa KaplanConcept, Choreography and Performance
Fırat KuşçuProduction Director

The Artist

Taldans Company was established in Istanbul by Mustafa KAPLAN and Filiz SIZANLI in 2002 and named after the Theater Research Laboratory (TAL) of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Theater, which was a movement/dance research unit established by Mustafa Kaplan. Taldans acts in public, urban areas, art galleries as well as stage performances. Besides the performances, Taldans coordinates and organizes body and movement-based workshops. Kaplan (engineer) and Sızanlı (architect) are also working on interdisciplinary and intercultural projects.

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Thanks to Çatı Contemporary Dance Artists Association, Institut Français d'Istanbul and Çıplak Ayaklar Kumpanyası

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