LE DANZATRICI en plein air 2022

Menhir Dance Company
Jul 2 - Jul 9, 2022
5:00 PM
Menhir Dance Company


Second edition of the International Contemporary Dance Festival that combines entertainment, workshops, performance with the communities and talent promotion. Shows, emerging talents, communities and collateral events that dialogue with the architecture of urban spaces and museums: from June 24 to July 10 in Ruvo di Puglia back the DANCERS en plein air, the festival of contemporary dance organized by the Menhir Company under the artistic direction of the choreographer Giulio De Leo and with the support of the Municipality of Ruvo di Puglia, Apulian Public Theatre, Puglia Region – Department of Tourism and Cultural Industry, management and enhancement of cultural heritage and Ministry of Culture. Two days of prologue and a dense program that will embrace two weekends of summer: thus takes shape the second edition of a project that is inspired by the famous tomb fresco "The dancers of Ruvo di Puglia" and that imagines to revive the protagonists allowing them to dance freely in urban spaces; to live dance as a fusion between city, body, culture, humanity, as a search for self and collective memory thanks to the movement that creates relationship with places and people. Starting from this suggestion, the festival intends to open a reflection on the theme of thearchaeology of dance: a real anthropological investigation on the origin of the gesture, on the stratifications and sedimentations of memories, on the cultural legacies and experiences that shape the personal or collective dimension.

Lazarus serial version

Giulio De LeoErika Guastamacchia

LAZARUS serial version is a performance inspired by the theme of REBIRTH, born from an idea of Giulio De Leo and developed in...



Roberta Ferrara

Nostos – in Greek νόστος – return, is the word that conveys that sense of circularity of the journey of existence whose ultim...


Pina My Love

Bassam Abou Diab

A prison represents a powerful sentence of punishment and a forced limitation of freedom. Totalitarian regimes have used this...


Colectivo Querido Venado

"Carla Segovia et Guillermo Aguilar ont commencé à collaborer en 2017 après avoir découvert leur affinité créative en travail...



Silvia Oteri

Life tickles us to look at the emotions of today. Through body and spirit, characterizing bodily research on movement and emo...


Gabriella Catalano

In the streets and squares that we have been carrying in our pockets for a long time, perhaps for lives, as amulets or as sec...


Davide Valrosso

In a rather radical condition, but also of extreme simplicity, Symposiumis rooted in the value of instant writing, given by t...


Menhir Dance Company

In the dreamlike landscape of the possible, five singularities are structuring a society that is only outwardly clearand defi...

Menhir Dance Company

MENHIR is a contemporary dance organization based in Ruvo di Puglia - Metropolitan City of Bari, South of Italy. Since 2009 realized several productions, international educational courses, international programs and audience engagement projects (LE DANZATRICI, archeology of contemporary). Between 2018 and 2020 Menhir diffused more than 40 performances in the regional and national contemporary dance scene and GENESI, the last creation by Giulio De Leo, was presented in Matera Capitale 2019. Since 2017 Menhir is responsible of TALOS FESTIVAL dance program and since 2019 is partner of Fondazione Fabbrica Europa in Florence for the realization of CRISOL, creative processes. Photo Cinzia Cantatore

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